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2017 / 2018

The House               
documentary | 80' | 2017
director | Rui Simões


Born in Lisbon during the Fascist Regime in order to control students coming from the portuguese overseas colonies, the Casa Estudantes do Império, with delegations in Coimbra and Porto, was fundamental to the independence movements in the colonies. Through that meeting point passed future anti-colonial and national movement leaders such as Agostinho Neto and Amílcar Cabral. The House recovers memories and testimonies by some of its remaining survivors while also adapting to screen excerpts of Pepetela's novel "A Geração da Utopia".

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From Coal to Waste - The Return to São Pedro da Cova            
documentary | 20' | 2017
director | Rui Simões



40 years later, Rui Simões returns to São Pedro da Cova to exhibit the photographs he took during the directing of São Pedro da Cova's films. From this reencounter a new message to the centralised powers: now it's toxic waste that is threatening people's health. 40 years later. From coal to waste, the fight goes on.

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Between Stones           
video | 7' | 2017
director | Rui Simões


Peruvian sculptor Silvia Westphalen reencounters friends, places and pieces of work in the company of the director Rui Simões.